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Friday, October 17, 2008

Ella brings Ah Gui for surfing , bright sunlight injured canine eyes;Dark glasses to save half blind dog

Ella of the female pop group S.H.E really was not destined to have “good dog luck”! Her pug Qiang Qiang passed away last year. Her other dog, red Toy Poodle Ah Gui just became a father this June. However, when earlier she brought Ah Gui along to surf, it seemed that its eyes were injured by the strong ultraviolet ray. Currently its eyesight was close to being blind. Ella and her sister immediately brought it to see the veterinarian and discovered that because of genetic albinism, its eyes could not withstand strong lights. Now at home, in order to save Ah Gui’s sight, they did not dare to open window curtains and even made Ah Gui wear sunglasses.

Ella who fell in love with surfing this summer, not only did she surf to her heart’s content in the MV [Coastal Highway Exit], whenever she had spare time, she would also get together with her friends and bring her dog to go surfing. Last month, she brought Ah Gui to play in the water as usual. That day, the weather was beautiful with a bright sun. However after coming home, Ella’s sister noticed that Ah Gui seemed to have problems with its vision because it looked at but not seeing the food that she waved in front of him.

After visiting the veterinarian and discovered that Ah Gui had genetic albinism, they were then reminded that the fur color of Ah Gui’s mother, Selina’s Pinky was obvious much paler than that of other red Toy Poodles. The vet instructed Ella to be careful and suggested for Ah Gui to wear dark glasses to protect its eyes because resistance to ultraviolet rays was weaker in albino dogs.

Other than Ah Gui, its son Tie Dan was also tested and similarly diagnosed with genetic albinism, which made Ella somewhat discouraged. Because when Qiang Qiang was alive before, it also experienced the suffering of various illnesses. After Tie Dan’s birth, Ella even intentionally changed the name she originally planned, Lu Dan (Braised Egg), to Tie Dan (Iron Egg) in hope of it being easier to raise. Now she said: [I only hope that both Ah Gui and Tie Dan will grow up safe and in good health.]

translated by : wyn0602 of CEFC
credits : CEFC and Apple Daily
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