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Monday, October 13, 2008

Zaizai Black & White trailer UDN news

Full Trailer:

The day before yesterday on Oct 10th, in the Black & White official website (, Director Cai launched a 8-minute trailer for the first time. In the trailer, Zai Zai was fighting in the hail of bullets and seen risking his safety for the performance. This trailer has attracted more than 40,000 viewers in the prajnaworks website. At the beginning before the drama start shooting. Janine Chang and Ivy Chen was fighting for lead actress role, but finally Janine took up the 2nd lead actress position. In the trailer, Janine appeared on screen before Ivy does. As Director Cai and Janine has a relationship of teacher-student, this may be counted as giving face to Janine.
(sytwo: see notation below)

When asked, Producer Yu Xiao Hui (Dir Cai’s wife) said that Janine is the senior and should be given due respect. And that Ivy is a cheerful girl and will not care about such matter. Sequence of appearance starts with ZZ, then Janine, followed by Mark and Ivy.

Janine is now in HK and when asked about this, she said she is touched and appreciates Director Cai and Sis Xiao Hui’s compassion and caring, but feel a little “shy” as Ivy has a lot more scenes compared to her. Before leaving for HK, Janie has already watched the trailer together with the rest of the cast and crew. She felt very moved by the film and said that this drama is very different from “The Hospital”, but Dir Cai always give people a shock whenever he presents his work.

Zai Zai was not nominated in the Golden Bell award this year making many people find the decision "questionable" or "hard to believe". However, Zai Zai's performance in Black&White shows "Freshness" and is an eye-opener. His fighting scenes are intense (打戲激烈 – Da Xi Ji Lie), his dramatic/ gentle scenes are emotional/ passionate (文戲激情 - Wen Xi Ji Qing), and there is rich play (abundantly rich and numerous) in both his voice and facial expressions when he is speaking out his script. In one fragment of the trailer, Zai Zai was held hostage and tried to catch the suspects. In the end, he rushed to the railroad as if the action hero in "Die Hard" making his fans extremely nervous (pulse racing).

There are many veterans in the cast. Their performance only make the drama as the top rated show. Two of the model-like supporting actresses in the drama also gave excellent performances.

But because this drama’s theme deals with gangs/ triads and police force, and besides having gun-fights, it also has many scenes of “guns pointing at head” plus realistic depiction/ visuals of drugs. Although the standard and quality of the film is very high, will the drama pass the general standard (censorship) set by major TV stations? Yu Xiao Hui (producer) “helplessly” said “We will have to wait and see.”

Translated by nkd @ sytwo @

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