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Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Van Fan Red-Hot in Taiwan; Fights a Light-Saber Duel With Megan Lai

Van Fan YiChen Red-Hot in Taiwan; Fights a Light-Saber Duel With Megan Lai YaYan
Date: October 14, 2008
News Source: Sina News
Translation Credit: tammiest@asianfanatics

Van Fan YiChen, who became red-hot overnight in Taiwan for his performance in 海角七號 [Hai Jiao Qi Hao] [Cape No. 7] began filming for the new 星皓 Filmko film, 愛到底 [Ai Dao Di] [Love To the End] yesterday. He and actress Megan Lai YaYan used sword-play to "flirt" with each other!

In the new movie, Van sheds the "angry youth" image he had in 海角七號 [Hai Jiao Qi Hao] [Cape No. 7]. Under the careful direction of director 九把刀 Jiu Ba Dao, he has "become" an extremely gentle and soft-spoken man; Megan, meanwhile, plays a strong modern woman. The leads met yesterday; they even used Star Wars light sabers to duel each other!

Tells "Cold Jokes" To Humor Megan Lai YaYan

Van, who has been kept very busy recently by both his movie(s) and his album, said that he was very lucky that he had already worked with many of his work partners. Additionally, the director was very loose and easygoing, making it easier for Van to "acclimate." Megan confided frankly that she was moved by Van's "magnetic" voice; sometimes, when he says his lines, she even becomes teary-eyed: "However, in real life, Van is a very comical person. He loves to carry his guitar around, playing and singing at the same time... and he loves to tell cold jokes!"

Director 九把刀 Jiu Ba Dao revealed that the light-sabers are an important part of his segment of the movie; the two leads use the light sabers to express their feelings: "I bought four light sabers in total. However, on the day of filming, our two leads broke two of them!" 九把刀 Jiu Ba Dao said frankly that, before filming for 愛到底 [Ai Dao Di] [Love To the End], he had actually talked with many actors. However, for one reason or another, they could never seem to come to an agreement. And when he didn't know how to proceed or what to do next, he was finally able to find Van. He was extremely moved!

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