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Thursday, October 16, 2008

Nicholas Teo force kiss Amber Guo; causes her to burst into tears

source: chinatimes
translated by:

Prince of love songs Nicholas Teo has revealed his true nature! Earlier, he and Amber Guo filmed a fiery kiss scene in the rain, he unexpectedly displayed a violent, crazy side of him and it scared Amber so much that she burst into tears. Afterwards, although Nicholas apologized over and over again, but she still said in a huff, “If in real life, someone was like that to me, I would’ve slapped him across his face.”

Both Nicholas and Amber are innocent pure singers but in “Invincible Shan Bao Mei” lately the script has taken a dose of very strong medicine, and the kiss scenes have turned from “superficial” to “forced”. This kiss scene, Nicholas holds Amber’s face in his hands, and they kiss till their face is distorted, and lips have gone out of shape!

At first, Nicholas did not like his character “Sun Wu Di” and hence his performance wasn’t that good, however now his acting has improved a lot, and this kiss scene really did require a lot of feelings and emotions as he has to scream and yell and kiss her all in the same time, and to make it worse, he has to do it in the rain. He said, “It really is quite tiring, I yelled till my voice was hoarse.”


jkc said...

poor amber guo =[ i didnt think nicholas would do something like that...

Anonymous said...

WOW & OMG is all i can say now