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Sunday, October 12, 2008

JJ Lin Interested in Someone New? Reveals That She Is In the Entertainment Circle

JJ Lin JunJie's four-year romance with his outside-of-the-entertainment-circle girlfriend, Yumi, has faded away; the pair haven't seen each other in over a month; furthermore, he already has a new "target" in his heart! Because the girl is also in the entertainment circle, JJ refused to reveal her identity. Instead, he revealed only a few clues: that she looks very sweet and that they have collaborated together before. While filming 原來我不帥 [Yuan Lai Wo Bu Shuai] [So I'm Not Handsome], JJ once said that, had he met co-star Alice Tzeng KaiXuan earlier, he would certainly have pursued her... can the new girl in his heart be Alice? He smiled, but didn't confirm or deny our questions. Alice, meanwhile, replied through her manager: "If he wants to pursue her, he'll need to move quickly!"

Possibility of Marriage To Yumi-- But, Eventually, Split Up

Although JJ insisted publicly that he was single, his relationship with Korean language major Yumi was an open secret in the entertainment circle. A few dags ago, he even joked on a program, "We are already very familiar... who knows, maybe if we feel "ready" that day, we'll just get married!" In reality, the two are very familiar indeed, but, unfortunately, no longer as lovers or sweethearts. "We are still friends, although we haven't seen each other for a while. But we'll still occasionally talk via MSN or phone." He repeatedly emphasized that, since he had never admitted to a relationship, where had a break-up come from? In actuality, he is worried because Yumi is not in the entertainment circle; news or exposure of a "break-up" might hurt or harm her.

Envious of Good Friends' Marriages; Reveals a Few "Conditions" For Finding Girlfriend

After watching good friends Will Liu (W) GengHong and DanTou get married, JJ caught the "happy marriage" mood. Just after saying "good-bye" to his previous love and relationship, JJ already has a new girl in his heart. He said that the girl has "long hair, long eyelashes, double-layer eyelids... that she has a grace and charm about her, she is not a singer, and that they've collaborated together before." The sweet-looking Alice Tzeng happens to fulfill each and every one of JJ's clues and "conditions." Upon hearing this, he paused for a bit, then said shyly but frankly, "Listen to my new song, 小酒窩 [Xiao Jiu Wo] [Little Dimples], and you can guess (who it is)." Coincidentally, when Alice smiles, two tiny dimples appear! JJ only said, "I can't say! The girl also has an agency!"

Because JJ is a devout Christian, he remains abstinent. He smiled and said, "I try very hard to fulfill this to the utmost!" He also said that his heart has not "settled" yet, but that he is afraid that, if he reveals his new love interest, it will scare off the girl. Additionally, accusations of "third party" or of his abandoning Yumi would unavoidably be brought; as a result, he can only keep the whole thing secret and mysterious! To JJ's surprise, good friends Rainie Yang ChengLin and Cyndi Wang XinLing have also been "guessed" to be his new love interest. He said, "I am willing to take responsibility for everything."

No Lack of Suitors; None Have, As of Yet, Touched or Moved the Beautiful Lady's Heart

Alice Tzeng has admitted that she has no lack of suitors, but that her heart has not been touched yet. Her manager admitted that, even after filming for So I'm Not Handsome wrapped, Alice and JJ have kept in touch, and that, if JJ really wanted to pursue her, it was Alice's honor. However, as the man and the pursuer, he would still have to be a bit more positive and aggressive!

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