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Friday, October 17, 2008

Jay Chou: Goodbye to her if his wife won't live with his mother, he's got a cool father who likes sending cheesy texts

Jay Chou has a secret in his heart, it's that his father likes to send him "cheesy texts". Jay Chou, who grew up in a single parent family doesn't mention his father much when he goes on shows because he takes into consideration his mother's feelings, on the 16th when he went on "Shen Chun Hua Life Show", he said, when he was filming "Curse of the Golden Flower", he found out that his emperor father Chow Yun Fat is was very similar to his cool father, "This is a secret I cannot say, I've never told anyone before."

He said, his father and Chow Yun Fat are very humorous, they like writing messages to him, when the box office was a success for "Secret", Chow Yun Fat sent an "emperor's message" to him: "Secret, it's full mark is 200, don't get complacent, bear that in mind, remember to kiss the two female leads for me." His father's message was: "Dear son, remember to take the medicine, father has bought some wonton and they're in the fridge." He doesn't come home very often, the notes have dates on them, the wonton and medicine has probably gone off.

Jay Chou said, his father is usually very cool and doesn't say much, but recently he's been very cheesy to him "The messages he sends me are like messages a girlfriend sends, "Father loves you", "Remember to eat dinner", "Today I read the newspaper, I think you look a bit old, don't get too tired", "You have to look after yourself"." He said, "For two grown men to be like this, it's really weird, I've kept the messages he sent me, I take them as a joke."
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Jay Chou gives all his money to his mother, he said he had to beg his mother for two years until she let him buy his "bat mobile". When choosing girlfriends he's inherited her good taste, his mother likes his girlfriends, but if he marries his girlfriend and she won't live with his mother, "then it'll be bye bye."

He said, he doesn't trust love too much, he doubts whether love can be forever, "So even if it's not mine, I'll still cherish it, it's just like the lyrics in my song "Fragrant Rice", "Cherish everything, even if you don't have it"."

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