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Friday, October 17, 2008

Jacky Wu, Patty Hou, Tian Xin to host this year's Golden Bell Award

Everyone's guessing who's going to be the host of the Golden Bell Award held at the end of the month and the list has finally been revealed. Jacky Wu, king of variety show is going to partner up with two gorgeous girls Tian Xin and Patty Hou to host it. When Patty Hou attended an event for her endorsement, she revealed that she wasn't told about it but she is very happy that she's hosting with Jacky Wu as there won't be the problem of the scene getting dull. This year's Golden Bell Award nominees for Best Female is all mostly from idol dramas but Patty was not nominated for best female actress for her own idol drama and Patty expressed sadness for herself.

Artiste Patty Hou showed up at the make-up endorsement event beautifully but the focus of the media were all on the Golden Bell Award host list that was just revealed. The October 31st GBA award is set to have Taiwan's local variety show king Jacky Wu partner up with sweet sister Patty Hou and sexy lady Tian Xin. When asked if she's worried that Jacky will make jokes out of her and her ex-boyfriend Jay Chou, Patty Hou had her own style of responding. She said "Because Jacky really loves to talk about some nonsensical stuff, I'll just ignore those words."

And when the best female award list for the GBA is observed, it is mostly the world of the idol drama actresses as Ariel Lin, Joe Chen and Rainie Yang all were nominated but Patty Hou was missed out. Patty made a shout-out to the judges "I really got angry. Can I request for the judges to review it again through this occation? If what you viewed was the first three episodes, then can you start
watching from after the first three episode?"

It was originally rumored to be Matilda Tao Jing Ying (Tao Zi) hosting this year's GBA but due to Tao Zi's 2nd pregnancy, she had to reject the work and thus, the host changed to Patty Hou and Tian Xin.

Source: Yahoo News
Translation by minivicki@

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