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Wednesday, October 15, 2008

It’s better to forgive, but Choi Jin Shil’s brother won’t

The brother of actress, Choi Jin Shil, posted on his cyworld about the person who had spread the rumors about his sister, only known as “Baek”. He said that he will never forgive her for Choi Jin Shil’s death.

Right at the end of September, Police officers charged Baek with spreading the rumors, but so far, nothing was done about it. Just after Choi Jin Shil’s death, she argued with her tormentor.

Right after her death, Police Officers tried to do everything to cover up Choi Jin Shil’s death, whilst Baek tried to escape. Choi Jin Shil’s brother also added that Baek should face the public and be punished for what she has caused.

source: kojaproductions

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