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Saturday, October 18, 2008

F4 has completed their Japan tour with flying colors; F4 vowed never to dissolve
extracted parts only:

Known each other for more than 7 years, each busy weekday, when many months did not contact surprising, but 4 were in no way be unfamiliar feeling, there must always be able to finish my speech topic, thinking that they are "true friend , Do not have to meet every day! “Jerry revealed that whenever ZZ cannot sleep, he will call Jerry to have heart-to-heart talk.", and Xiao Tian Vanness to buy a car when people think of the car Zai Zai, F4 This is the way to get along over the years.

Complement each other mutual support

F4 has different characteristics, Jerry focus on the work seriously, Vanness works with enthusiasm, Xiao Tian takes good care of others and ZZ loves to create a good atmosphere, 4, son of one another to make up for each other's lack of fully-per-head treasure the opportunity “We have all launched our own album, and have worked separately these last few years. So actually, we should be used to facing the outside world on our own. But every time we get together, all of us will say “The four of us together is still the best feeling.” What we meant here is not “relying/ leaning on each other”, but “supporting each other”, being each other’s encouragement.”

Kai Chang was before the media of 4 people secretly a battle of wits, for the individual performance of the other party do not want to disclose their performance, denied Zai Zai "We talk about everything, like my hair, color of a good job immediately to Jerry , Xiao Tian and small V, to ask them their views! "The media repeatedly write non-stop, there is no need to explain more, The truth is F4 will not disappear, as long as there is support of even ONE fan, F4 will continue to go on."

It will only be one more day before F4 start their 3-day series of concerts in Osaka. Previously at the 2 stations of Yokohama and Tokyo, at the completion of each performance, they will be in a spirit of excitement and even have insomnia, having an unexplainable feeling of happiness. The dream of many years has finally been realized.”

credits: sytwo for translating parts
siewleng @asf

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