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Friday, November 7, 2008

Wang LeeHom's Pockets Full From Endorsement Deals; Will Spend New Year's Night in Beijing

Wang LeeHom has become one of the most popular and sought-after celebrities of the "advertising" world: in this year alone, he has accepted ten endorsement offers. His endorsements include fast food, beverages, cell phones, shampoos, motorcycles, etc.-- now, he has accepted a contract promoting essence of chicken (雞精) worth tens of millions of dollars. The extremely busy LeeHom said, "I do typically rely on drinking essence of chicken to replenish my energy." Thus, the commercial depicts something close to LeeHom's own personal life: writing music, practicing dance, exercising, holding a concert-- that day, LeeHom filmed for 15 hours straight, drinking essence of chicken along the way. He didn't seem to be tired or overworked at all.

LeeHom's recent schedule has been jam-packed; he will be releasing his album, which keeps being delayed and pushed back, at the end of December. He is currently picking up the pace and hurrying to finish the album; he is also planning to hold his own concert in Beijing on New Year's.

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