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Friday, November 7, 2008

Pi Li MIT Premier, Yan Ya Lun Finds Key To Save GuiGui, Brushing Off Rumours Of Not Getting Along

Pi Li MIT had a sneak preview on a campus ground today (6 Nov). Rumours of YanYaLun and GuiGui being on bad terms were proven to be untrue as the both of them boldly 'rub their noses', together, hugged each other and even revealed embarrassing incidents about each other during filming... GuiGui's answer when asked why she often pesters others, she replied, "I'm just testing their patience!"

This idol drama held a screening session on a campus ground with YaLun, GuiGui, XiaoGui, Zhang Shan Jie (and a guy from the duo, 2moro) as guests, and as a result, it attracted close to a thousand students. Other than an exciting 20mins sneak preview being shown, they also played a game, "Operation, Save GuiGui". During the game, GuiGui's arms and legs were handcuffed together, and there were 20 keys lying haphazardly on the table. The four guys have to find the correct key amongst these 20keys to unlock GuiGui's handcuffs and release her before the balloon burst. GuiGui was very scared and she kept shouting for YaLun and XiaoGui to hurry up and find the correct key. Her hands were unlocked by this guy from 2moro, and then just before the balloon burst, YaLun succeeded in finding the key to unlock the handcuffs around her legs and GuiGui who was really nervous, immediately gave him a hug. This made the fans very high, and it immediately brushed off all rumours of them not being on good terms.

Due to many previous reports saying that YaLun and GuiGui were not on good terms with each other, during the screening, GuiGui said, "We were just like little children squabbling with each other! But now, we often keep in contact either by talking on the phone or chatting on MSN." Having been through 5months of filming, YaLun, GuiGui, XiaoGui and the rest of the cast get along quite well. XiaoGui said, "GuiGui's loves to pester others! She loves to find people to argue with her, and its very enjoyable watching her quarrel with other people, its like watching a good show, but when it happens to me myself, I will feel as if I'm exploding!" He describe GuiGui as a "Kai Xing Guo" (someone who brings laughter and cheers up everyone) and he said, "It would be quite boring without GuiGui in the cast." Hearing XiaoGui's allegations about herself, GuiGui said laughingly, "I'm testing everyone's patience!"

After watching the sneak preview, GuiGui couldn't control her tears and she said, "Because it is my first time as a female lead, I was too touched when I see that the show I filmed is finally going to air, and I couldn't control my tears." As he saw GuiGui crying, YaLun who was standing by her side, patted her shoulders as encouragement.

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blackstar said...

hi , this Pi Li MIT's premier , do you know where to find th videos ? Pls reply to this address ( if you know .. Thanks :DD