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Friday, November 7, 2008

GuiGui Reads "Pregnant With A Baby;" Arron Says If Ratings Break 5 GuiGui Will Get Pregnant

They have been rumoured to be on bad terms, Arron and GuiGui are also a couple who finds joy in bickering, and they are reunited once again on 6th November for the Pi Li MIT sneak preview screening. Arron reveals during the event, that GuiGui has been reading and scrutinizing the book "Pregnant With A Baby," and if ratings break 5, GuiGui will get pregnant! After that, he starts to happily recap the enjoyable first onscreen kiss he had with GuiGui. Arron said gleefully, "When we were filming, I grabbed her and we had a passionate kiss. It was rather enjoyable!"

The idol drama Pi Li MIT, a collaboration of Min Shi and GTV, held its premier on the 6th Novemeber. Other than the absence of Fan Wei Qi, who was busy with her concert, other leading actors such as Arron, GuiGui, XiaoGui, GuoYanJun, Zhang Shan Jie, etc., were all present. Having been together for over 5 months, when the cast chatted about interesting things that happened during filming, they all revealed embarrassing incidents involving GuiGui, resulting in a session dedicated to making fun of GuiGui.

Amongst them, Arron seem to be the happiest as GuiGui's first onscreen kiss was given to him. Thinking back to the scene where Arron had to pull GuiGui to him and kiss her, he said, "It was quite enjoyable!" It was revealed later on that GuiGui expressed her wishes to attend a university, and so everyone went with her to buy books. But no one expected that the book she bought was "Pregnant With A Baby." Arron suddenly exclaimed, "If ratings break 5, we might as well let GuiGui be pregnant."

GuiGui explained that she likes to read books with pictures, and she has an interest in the period during a mother's pregnancy, but when asked what is the connection between "Pregnant With A Baby" and wanting to attend a university, GuiGui couldn't answer. GuiGui then said, "I'm now reading a book called "A Horse's B-Type Person". Everyone was puzzled upon hearing this, which led GuiGui to realise that she said the wrong thing, and she immediately corrected herself, "It should be 'Oh My, What A B-Type Person'!" (She said, "Ma Ya!" when she corrected herself. Its an expression, and it rhymes with horse in Chinese, "ma.")

Everyone seemed to have something to critique about GuiGui, even the shoes that she was wearing. XiaoGui commented that the shoes GuiGui was wearing was very weird, and GuiGui defended herself by saying, "There's a padding inside my shoes to increase my height." When the crowd asked her where she bought it, GuoYanJun jumped out and said, "Just search 'GuoYanFu' on the internet and you can find it!" It turns out that his brother GuoYanFu loves to put padding in his shoes, and is thus widely known as a shoe padding guy, and just by searching his name on the internet, you can find the padding!

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