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Friday, November 7, 2008

Joe Cheng bids goodbye to Prince Charming

Don’t expect to see Zheng Yuan Chang as [Prince Charming] in [Love or Bread] because this time I will be sacrificing for art, throwing away all the image.] [Xiao Zhong] Zheng Yuan Chang was busy filming scenes in a mansion that worth millions of money, during his break he has accepted our interviews that have traveled from a far.

Watching the wealthy dog eating their meal, imagine having a full stomach
This time Xiao Zhong’s role is a guy who loves money and power, unemployed, only knows how to spend money, a penniless Frank. But this character happens to be the role that he has been most anticipating for, [Even though it will make the fans to loose their fantasy but the advantage of this character is that, Frank is a very kind-hearted person, in the end he will be influence by Zeng Shan Mei played by Lin Yi Chen, and become a dependable and steady person. The story doesn’t have Prince and Princess; on the contrary some of the contents have left quite a deep impression on me.] Xiao Zhong reveals that in one of the scene: [Both of us are very poor, don’t get to have our meals, very hungry, so we went to the front door of those wealthy people and see what they are giving their dog to eat. Even though we said dog is more fortunate than people but then we can also [imagine] ourselves having a big feast for dinner, after that we went home happily and sleep. This is the romantic, self-entertainment by poor people; everyone has to remember to watch it!]

Both of them doesn’t have [old partner] feeling
Even thought the gap is not that long after their previous collaboration in [They Kiss Again] but both of them doesn’t have [old partner] feelings at all, Xiao Zhong said: [Lin Yi Chen is a very professional actress, there’s a big changes in the way she played out her character so this time our collaboration will bring out a very different feeling, the most familiar feeling will be the tacit understanding that we have by just one glance or movement.] He’s right though, this time [MingPao] exclusive interview was able to take pictures in this big mansion that they have as the set location, this bickering couple, in order to make a living, has to do the cleaning for this mansion. But the typical lazy Frank has started to slack off and day dream that he is the owner of this mansion. Having a big party, entertaining his friends who like him because he is rich, Zeng Shan Mei (Lin Yi Chen) can’t stand him anymore and when she was about to use the mop to hit his head, she has almost breaks the antic vase, both of them were in the heat of bickering and unintentionally ended up breaking the antic vase for real, and both of them also didn’t want to admit it was their fault and keep fighting non-stop.]

Director Lin He Long is famous for [Speedy Director], previous series like [Why Why Love], [Corner With Love] were also directed by him. This is the first collaboration for Zheng Yuan Chang and Lin Yi Chen with the director, they also praised his [Fast, Ruthless and Accurate] style and has allow their collaboration to have a different feeling.

[Love or Bread] two penniless people
[Love or Bread] is a story about penniless people. Frank whose original name is called Tsai Jin Lai, 22 years old and his life can be described as [worthless]. Everyday he will be dreaming about how to become a wealthy entrepreneur, never thinks about working hard on his job. Because of his thirst in branded merchandise, desire to impress girls, he has been spending money on fun and entertainment, exceeding his amount with his credit cards and unable to repay; but still he dares to borrow money from private financial company. After spending all the money, the private financial company has started to ask Frank to repay his debt, even threatening him that if he doesn’t then they will cut off his arms and legs, so he can only hide himself inside his house and never to come out. Unfortunately during the wee morning, when he finally leaves his mansion and his beautiful girl from his dream and comes back to his additional extended wooden house that was build on the top of the building, those private financial people have suddenly breaks into the house and demand him to repay his debts.

Choose between bread or money
To make a living, she has numerous jobs in order to support her entire family then every month she also has to send money to Hangzhou for her boyfriend who is studying for his master degree. [The Unfortunate Ah Shin]. Zeng Shan Mei has a dream that once her boyfriend received his master degree, then he will marry her. After going through all this difficult years, her boyfriend is finally going to graduate, Zeng Shan Mei is ready to quit her jobs and travel to Hangzhou to get married with her boyfriend. But her mother, Shui Liang was against it, threatening her that she will disown her if she leaves. Zeng Shan Mei was expecting her boyfriend to propose to her unfortunately she has build her dream on the hands of a wrong person, this guy said to her: [Let’s break up.] Zeng Shan Mei’s feelings were like the end of the world. She didn’t dare to go back home, so she has to rent an old house to live, and her roommate happens to be the obnoxious [crazy, pervert] Frank.

So what will happen to Zeng Shan Mei and Frank? Will Frank really going to become a wealthy man? These two penniless people being force to live under a same roof, going through all those difficulties with money, supporting each other and developing a strong bond with each other, between bread and money, what will be their final choice?

Prince and Princess will get to live happily ever after in the end of the story so of course the penniless also has the right to have the same ending.

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