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Friday, November 7, 2008

Golden Bell winner Niu Cheng Ze's 4 pupils all present; hugs Ethan Ruan and cries

Director Niu Cheng Ze sure has a lot of face, after the Golden Bell Awards finished on the 31st, he held a private celebration at the “Playground” PUB. Eddie Peng, Ethan Ruan, Lee Wei and Ma Zhi Xiang all attended, and even let two former couples Ryan Tang & Ding Ning and Ethan Ruan & Esther Liu meet at the party.

Niu Cheng Ze’s “Wayward Kenting” won Best Drama Script Writer, and he was so happy that wine never left his hands, and he drunk till his face was bright red. Afterwards, he hugged Eddie and Ethan while crying at the same time. He said, “My 4 pupils (Peng, Ruan, Li, Tang) are all here, of course I’m very touched.” When everyone got drunk, they all revealed their true nature. Ding Ning kept dancing, Ryan was very quiet, and Ethan hugged anyone he saw.

Ma Zhi Xiang’s “10-year old Di Na’s Wish” won Best Mini-Series Script Writer last year, and this year he won Best Mini-Series Director for “I Won’t Cry”. The night before yesterday, he attended GTV’s celebration party but Zhou You Ting wasn’t by his side. He replied sweetly, “The next day she has to film, but she reminded me not to drink too much because lately I often stay up all night, and she is worried I will have liver problems

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