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Friday, November 7, 2008

Da S holding hands with Andy Lau, shouts she'll faint

Director Wong Jing, and official casts Andy Lau, Barbie Hsu, Mike He and child actress Xu Jiao attended "Future Cops" opening ceremony yesterday in Hong Kong. Other casts are still unedecided. In the movie, Andy will play the role of a future cop, Barbie Hsu will be his love interest.

As soon as Da S, Mike He and Xu Jiao saw Andy, they shouted "idol". When Da S and Andy held hands for a photo, Da S shouted 'she'll faint', collaborating with Andy Lau is her biggest dream. She also said, when she told Xiao S she'll be doing a movie with Andy, Xiao S firmly said she will visit them. Xu Jiao will play Andy's daughter, Mike He will be Andy's boss. Mike admitted that the pressure is really big, although he'll be Andy's boss, he won't dare to scold him.

Peter Ho, Dylan Guo, Hei Ren, Joe Cheng and Jacky Wu are being considered to act in the movie. Estimated playdate for Future Cops will be in 2010.

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