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Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Takes a Tumble At Beijing Concert; Wilber Pan WeiBo Injures His Left Foot

News Source: Yahoo! Taiwan, TVB-S,
Translation Credit: tammiest @

Wilber Pan WeiBo slipped and fell at his concert in Beijing, injuring his leg. According to his agency, Wilber, having contracted a cold, had been feeling a little weak; on the night of the performance, he was supposed to jump down into the center of a group of dancers. However, he accidentally twisted his left foot; worse, the "new" injury is in the same spot as his "old" injury (he snapped a ligament in 2004). In the end, Wilber insisted on finishing his scheduled five songs before allowing the workers to help him off the stage. He then returned to his hotel to rest. How does the injury look now? He will have to wait until he returns to Taiwan and sees the doctor before he knows for certain.

In that moment as Wilber jumped onto the stage, surrounded by his dancers, it is clear that he twisted his foot. He was unable to stand, instead falling to sit on the stage. Although he continued to perform and sing, a pained expression on his face, both the dancers surrounding him and the fans in the audience couldn't help screaming in concern.

Wilber sat on the floor of the stage for about three minutes; in the end, however, he managed to stand up, his left foot slightly lame. He insisted on finishing his performance. Wilber said, "This is what an entertainer is like. Born to be on the stage... and also dying by the stage. Isn't that right?"

Wilber injured himself during his very first song of the night; he insisted on holding on, however, and finished performing his scheduled five songs. According to our understanding, before he got up on stage that night, Wilber was feeling rather weak and debilitated, as result of his catching a serious cold. He re-aggravated his old injury, the snapped ligament for which he underwent surgery in 2004.

Gritting his teeth, Wilber very professionally finished his performance before allowing the workers to help him off stage. He then returned to his hotel room to rest. He will have to wait, however, until his return to Taiwan to see just how serious the injury is.

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