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Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Wilber Pan WeiBo's Left Foot Swollen Like a "Pig's Foot"; Bites Down Pain and Performs at Campus Concert in Kaohsiung

News Source: iFeng,
Translation Credit: tammiest @

Wilber Pan WeiBo injured his foot during a performance in Beijing a few days ago; the media reported his injury just yesterday. He went to see a physician yesterday morning and had an X-ray done on his leg. Sometime today or tomorrow, however, he'll have to make time to get an NMR scan to understand just how serious the injury is. However, last night, Wilber actually bit down the pain and performed at a campus "schoolyard" concert in Kaohsiung. His foot was extremely swollen, looking like a "pig's foot"; while getting his hair done in the salon, he had to use ice to decrease the pain.

In thinking back to the circumstances surrounding his injury, Wilber said that, at the time, he had actually forced a smile to come to his face and said in a purposely light and relaxed tone, "As a singer, one is born to be on stage. We must die on stage, also!" This made the thousands of fans present scream and applaud for him!

Yesterday, the physician drained some of the accumulated thin blood from his leg to help the swelling go down. At the concert last night, Wilber's dancing segments were canceled; instead, he focused completely on singing.

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