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Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Agnes Monica: 'I'm Just an Ordinary Person'

Agnes Monica has many reasons to be proud. Besides performing with other top Asian artists at Asia Song Festival 2008 in South Korea last month, she also pulled off several awards even though she’s just released two singles recently. Yet behind all the success, the girl who was born on 1st July 1986 still feels she’s just an ordinary person.

Being successful and known by many people apparently doesn’t make this beautiful girl feel that she’s a star. Evidently, Agnes affirmed that she’s just an ordinary person. “I’m just an ordinary person. In my opinion, everyone is born equally as an ordinary person, like a seed. It depends on us, are we willing or not to water and plant that seeds well,’ she said.

However, although she feels she’s just ordinary, Agnes always fights to do extra things that make her become not too ordinary. “I’m still an ordinary person who is willing to do extra ordinary stuff. I mean, I will work extra hard to achieve my dreams,” said the girl who convinces that everyone can be extraordinary person as long as they’re willing to do extra things to achieve their dreams.

With that great thought, Agnes always succeed to reach what she wants. Despite all, the girl who’s preparing her new album still has time to do very ordinary things. “I like taking delman (cart, tourism places in Indonesia have horse chart) and bajaj (three-wheel car, a unique transportation in Jakarta). But there’s one thing I really want to do but haven’t got yet, I want to try bungee jumping. It must be fun,” said the beautiful eyes.

The successful she has reached is the result of Agnes hard work for all this time. But her assurance that she’s a comfort zone hater is one of the things that make the singer of ‘Matahariku’ gets success. “I hate comfort zone. Because I think if I can get the best of something, why do I have to be satisfied with moderate result?” stated the girl who also plays in some TV dramas.

Hence, when Agnes feels she’s in the comfort zone, where everything works well and smoothly, the girl who also just performed in Brunei, will leave it. “When I’m in the comfort zone, I’ll always look at the higher place to climb. When I reach the top, I’ll be satisfied,” explained Agnes who feels that actually the comfort zone is a dangerous zone for her.

Subsequent to her leaving the comfort zone is: now the girl, who once had a duet with Keith Martin (former member of Boyz II Men), is developing a clothing line. “I’m designing a clothing line. I’m making aforethought concept first, and it’s still internet selling at the moment,” explained Agnes who admitted the 'Godai Aku Lagi' t-shirt was sold well by internet.

Besides making a clothing line, Agnes also made something different for her new album, 'Sacredly Agnezious' that will be released soon, in which she became the producer. “In this album, I took roles as the musician, singer and producer as well,” she said.

Hence, her new role as the producer now is taking lots of her thought so much that it often bothers her sleeping. “Basically, I’m a thinker. So, there are so many little things I think about. But at the moment it’s the marketing and production for the new album that became my focus,” explained the girl who feels her burden relieved because of the support from her family and team.

Agnes became a good example to brace up the spirit of everybody. The girl who likes going to fitness center commits it despite the cynical stares and sharp criticisms coming over her. “Let the criticisms come over. Because I don’t need anybody else to understand what I think and do. Because it will never stop every step I make,” she said.

Although criticism keeps coming over her, Agnes still feels calm and keeps doing what she beliefs. The proof is lots of awards thrust her way. “I’m happy. I’ve just got award from MTV Indonesia Music Awards for The Most Favorite Female, and then I got Ringback Tone Award because my single ‘Matahariku’ sold over half millions activation. And last, I performed in South Korea as the representative for Indonesia. I think it’s all from my hard work that I do for all this time,” uttered Agnes with sparkling eyes.

Her drudge work and ambition to reach the top of her career in fact is not only for her own self. But Agnes wants to do it for all the people of Indonesia too. “I have a mission to change the paradigm of Indonesian people who always feel they can’t compete with white people. For me, one thing that makes us can’t compete is this paradigm,” stressed the girl who has released two grown up albums.

That’s why Agnes always tries to reach her goal by performing outside the country or making a good album. “I hope to be a good example for everybody. Since I think there are lots of people who have quality but they’re defeated by their own thought. With my success, I hope everyone can think that if I can do that, they can do the same thing too,” she went on.

Performing at Sangam Stadium or known as World Cup stadium, Seoul, South Korea, with capacity of 50,000 people in Asia Song Festival 2008 made Agnes so happy. She shared us her story.

“I was interviewed by so many TV stations. There were from Hong Kong, Korea, and even from Uzbekistan. Besides that, there were lots of people asked for taking pictures with me, from kids to mothers. It was fun!”

“By purpose I brought dancers from Indonesia, I presented a choreography that mixed hip hop and Balinese dance. Surprisingly, the respond from viewers was so sensational. I sang two songs I composed myself, Godai Aku Lagi and Shake It Off. It was so cool. Although the audience didn’t understand Indonesian language when I sang Godai Aku Lagi, they screamed so loud and danced following the music rhythm. I’m very satisfied I could perform in there and have a thought to come back again someday.”

“Since I performed with other top Asian artists such as Fahrenheit, Karen Mok, and SS501, at the farewell party I exchanged contact numbers and e-mail address with them, just to keep in touch. Oh by the way, at the farewell party they asked me to go up stage for speech, because many people felt curious about me. There was this one famous Korean designer kept praising me and asked me many things about Indonesia. Wow, so proud! Even he advised me to hold a tour in Asia. Gosh, hopefully I can do that someday!”

Wow, so happy! Between her hectic activities, Agnes Monica still could come to GADIS house for birthday edition cover shooting 1. Punctual with the schedule, at 2pm Agnes came to the studio.

“Hallooo...,” she called with big smile. Although she just came back from abroad (she just held private concerts in Brunei and Singapore, we don’t know which one GADIS referred to – Indonesian heartthrob team) the day before, Agnes still looked cheerful and fresh.

Without wasting more time, the makeup team started to work and during the makeup Agnes had interview with GADIS. Just as fantastic as in singing and playing sinetron (TV drama), Agnes still could seriously get interviewed, though sometimes she had to tilt her face. Two works accomplished in one time.

After everything ready, time for Agnes shooting came. Before the lights on, Agnes said, “Wait, I’m gathering my GADIS soul first…”

Wow, because too many photo shoots for various magazines and media with different character of readers, Agnes needed to focus to get maximum result. When Agnes was ready, the 3 hours photo shooting worked smoothly.

While posing before the mirror, Agnes who’s losing her weight told the process of video making for ‘Godai Aku Lagi’. “The physical training was so tough. Too much sweat that other people could get sprayed! Hahaha…”

source: asianbite
credit: indonesianheartthrob

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