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Sunday, November 9, 2008

Semi-Mature Rainie Yang ChengLin Is Afraid of Being Lonely; Will No Longer Be Impulsive In Love

The self-proclaimed "semi-mature" Rainie Yang ChengLin admits that her attitude and approach toward love has matured a lot over the years. In the past, she would rely only on her "feelings"; now, however, she holds a period of "observation." As for "throwing herself" directly or headlong into love, Rainie has also become more mature; she revealed that her love life has already been "empty" for two years: Rainie thus repudiated her love rumors with Kingone Wang ChuanYi, Mike He JunXiang, etc., at once and categorically.

In the past, Rainie would fall for someone very quickly; the opposite was also true: she would "not like" someone very quickly. She relied on her "feeling" entirely when looking at a person. Now, however, when she meets someone with "potential," her "observation period" is much longer-- most likely one to two months. Additionally, she will control her own impulses; when she's at home, she will ask herself earnestly, "Do I really like him?" Rainie expressed that, because she no longer relies on her feelings alone in love, her "empty" period has become much longer.

Rainie admitted that she is the type to fear being lonely and alone; additionally, she has never had that many people after or pursuing her-- as her career has taken off, she has had even less suitors. Rainie said that her friends think that, at first glance, she seems difficult to approach and that many people assume that she already has a boyfriend. Additionally, her tomboyish personality may make it difficult for people to pursue her; thus, she hasn't had a boyfriend in two years. In fact, she hasn't even been on a date!

If there aren't many suitors, will she, then, initiate instead and pursue the man? Rainie said immediately that she wouldn't; because she is an entertainer, she has become more and more guarded and conservative. She said that there are a lot of "bad people" in the entertainment circle (she means that people will carelessly start rumors and gossip); thus, she will not make any advances herself.

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