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Sunday, November 9, 2008

Breakthrough At the Golden Horse Awards: Lin ChiLing and Wang LeeHom Will Collaborate in Short Film

There has been a huge breakthrough at this year's Golden Horse Awards, which will be held on the 6th of December: in a totally unprecendented move, some of Taiwan's hottest celebrities will be teaming up with some of Taiwan's most famous directors for a "short film," which will then be shown at the start of the ceremony. The plot of the short film follows Director 魏德聖 Wei DeSheng (who filmed 海角七號/Cape No. 7)'s quest to borrow money for filming; famous model Lin ChiLing will turn in a surprising performance. In addition to 海角七號/Cape No. 7's Director 魏德聖 Wei DeSheng, Van Fan YiChen, and Ma RuLong, etc., the cast includes Wang LeeHom, Guey LunMei, Barbie Hsu XiYuan (Da S), Ariel Lin YiChen, etc.-- idols. Many directors will also take part; the executive director of the short film will be Blackie (HeiRen), who recently filmed the impressive documentary 態度/Attitude.

What kind of short film is this, to make all the "big" stars come out? Yesterday, Blackie expressed, in a very low key manner, "This is extremely top-secret; I can't reveal anything." As we understand it, all of the film's participants received an e-mail yesterday with information on their roles, their lines, and their filming schedules. One of the actors said, "Everybody has two to three lines, but it's still a lot of fun, and it's very meaningful. We're not being paid, but it's really worth it to participate."

Lin ChiLing once said that, if 海角七號/Cape No. 7 were ever to film a prequel, she would hope to take part; in this short film, her wish will be fulfilled: she will "share the stage" with Director 魏德聖 Wei DeSheng. She will also be working with 邱寬 Chiu Kuan, who once saved her in Las Vegas. In addition, actors and idols such as 張震 Chang Chen, Eddie Peng YuYeng, Joseph Chang XiaoQuan, 東明相 Tung MingHsiang (all of the movie 愛的發聲練習/My So-Called Love), Bryant Chang RuiJia, etc. will all participate; famous directors such as 李行 Li Xing, 朱延平 Chu YanPing, 鈕承澤 Niu ChengZe, and 林育賢 Lin YuXian will also take part-- they all add to the luster and shine of the film! The film is filled with Taiwanese stars; the only celebrity from Hong Kong who will participate is "嘟嘟 DoDo," 鄭裕玲 Carol Cheng YuLing.

The concept for this five-minute short film arose from the difficulties and hardships 海角七號/Cape No. 7 encountered while raising capital and "begging" entertainers to take part in the film. The short film draws on heavyweight Taiwanese directors and A-List celebrities in order to showcase the "unison" and societal worth of the Taiwanese entertainment circle. It also displays and highlights the toughness of the Taiwanese film industry. Because of the busy schedules of the A-List celebrities-- and the fact that none of them will be compensated for their time, the filming of this short film will be as difficult as that of 海角七號/Cape No. 7.

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