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Saturday, November 8, 2008

Charlene Choi says Joey Yung is a big-mouth; praises Chun for being a good man

Leon Lai, Charlene Choi, Denise Ho, Miriam Yeung, Hacken Lee, Priscilla Chan, Hins Cheung and other artists yesterday all participated in a charity concert and they sung golden classics.

Priscilla, who was wearing hot pants danced with a male dancer, and even caressed his chest and thigh. Hins Cheung and Eric Sun’s performance was the most enthusiastic, when the 2 dueted Alan Tam’s “Mirage” and “Love Trap”, they did very funny poses. Leon Lai was the grand finale performance and fans even presented fresh flowers to him, however some of the audience was already beginning to leave before the concert finished.

Charlene sung Deanie Yip’s “Lucky Me”, aware that she is a lucky person and this matched very well wih the lyrics. When asked whether she is more lucky in her career or her love life, she replied, “My whole life.” (Which man brings you luckiness?) My boss. (Which man brings you happiness?) I don’t know, I’m only 26 years old, I’ll wait till I’m 30 and then see. (Will you share your luckiness with Gillian?) Yes!” Other than this, Joey Yung was also brought up. Earlier, Joey revealed that Charlene tried to be match-maker and introduce Chun to her. Charlene replied exasperatedly, “Joey is such a big-mouth!” (Joey said Chun is too young) Chun is older than her, I only wanted to introduce a friend to her, and I was only just saying, haven’t even mentioned it to Chun.” She also praised Chun for being a good man, and she only hopes that her own friends can get to know each other so they can all go out sometime, if she has the chance, she will also introduce him to Gillian.

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