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Saturday, November 8, 2008

Leehom Wang co-operates with Hong Kong Philharmonic Orchestra and will be the conductor

Leehom Wang yesterday held a press conference, and announced that from December 22nd – 24th, he will co-operate with the Hong Kong Philharmonic Orchestra and the Hong Kong Cultural Centre to hold a “HK. Leehom Wang Concert”. Besides singing, he will also play the violin and also be the conductor for the orchestra. This will be his first time being conductor, and evidently, he feels pressure, but he thinks of this as the best Christmas present for himself. He said that although he cannot work with his idol conductor Leonard Bernstein, who has passed away, instead, he will work with one of his pupils, Gerard Salonga, and Leehom believes he will learn a lot of Bernstein’s techniques from him.

Lately, many people have been dragged down by the financial tsunami, and lost a lot of money on the stock market. Leehom said that he only understands to invest in computers and musical instruments, so this did not really affect him. He smiled and said that musical artists don’t really understand the concept of money, and rather his mum will deal with this. So has he bought any houses? Leehom replied, “I only live in one house, and concentrate on making music!”

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