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Friday, November 7, 2008

Exclusive: fans shocked by Jay Chou's version of Wu Shen (photos)

Recently when Jay Chou was filming Yuan Heping's new movie "Beggar So", his Wu Shen look was exposed by secret filming. For a moment Jay Chou's white clothed version of "Wu Shen" caused quite a stir, all fans were unanimous with shock. This article is translated by

Jay Chou's version of "Wu Shen", a head of long hair, white clothing, darkened face, with a golden pair of ornament wings on his head, he has a black wing on his shoulder, they want to create a magical fantasy style but who could have expected they would create a shock of thunder.

Xinmin reporters saw on forums online, when Jay Chou's fans saw their idol's new look, they felt sorry for him for a moment. A person online by the name of "pinkpigflying" said "I fell down with a sigh" after seeing the "Wu Shen" look. "forever love Jay" expressed helplessly, prince Jay was a lot more handsome in "Curse of the Golden Flower". Some even joked, Jay Chou's been singing "Hair Like Snow" too much and so he's really gotten "Hair Like Snow", but, he's never sang "Face Like Charcoal"?

But some fans comforted themselves, even though this look of Jay Chou's is sad, but it's quite cute. Other fans said that seeing Jay Chou smile so happily in the pictures, they don't care about being shocked, as long as he's happy.

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