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Thursday, November 13, 2008

Rainie Yang ChengLin "Seals" Up Her Feet On New Album; Acts as Happy Shop Director For Charity

News Source: Yahoo! Taiwan, NOWNews,
Translation Credit: tammiest @
Rainie Yang ChengLin, the "Priestess of Cute" who has become super-popular because of her roles in idol dramas, has also recently released a new album, 半熟宣言/Declaration of Semi-Maturity. On the 13th, she appeared at a charity event as a "Happy Shop Director." She worked very hard at the charity bazaar. Rainie, whose new album contains no dance tracks, laughed and said that, while others have "sealed" up their microphones, for this album, she has sealed up her "legs and feet"!

When Rainie, who has always been quite enthusiastic and active in charity, was invited to participate in a McDonald's charity event; she showed off her charm and, sparing no efforts, sold off "love bracelets" for charity. Although the weather didn't seem to cooperate-- a light drizzle came down-- her fans still showed up enthusiastically. There was even a grandmother who brought her little granddaughter to the event; this made Rainie so happy that she picked the little girl up in her arms and teased and kissed her.

There are no dance tracks on Rainie's new album; she laughed and said that, while others have "sealed" up their microphones, she has "sealed" up her legs and feet! However, Rainie also said that, in order to prepare for the upcoming [V]Power Concert, she has found a dance teacher to help her re-choreograph her dance moves; she is preparing to "Move again!"

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