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Thursday, November 13, 2008

Huang WeiDe's Girlfriend Speaks Up: He Said That Annie Yi Neng Jing Stretched Her Hand Out To Him

News Source: Yahoo! Taiwan, UDN,
Translation Credit: tammiest @
After photos of him holding hands with Annie Yi Neng Jing surfaced, 黃維德 Huang WeiDe obviously found it very difficult to placate his real girlfriend, 陸薇雯 Lu WeiWen. 陸薇雯 Lu WeiWen, who works at the Rotary, cursed 黃維德 Huang WeiDe with her co-workers in the morning: "He told me that there was nothing between him and her (Annie)! If there's nothing between them, then why are they holding hands?" Huang WeiDei explained, "Because Annie stretched her hand out to me." Lu WeiWen then shot back, "Then were you supposed to take it?"

Lu WeiWen went to work as usual yesterday, but her mood was very confused and upset. After the "situation" came to light, she received calls from her friends all day. "Something like this happens, and I have to help him to explain!" she huffed indignantly. Huang WeiDe took advantage of a break in the filming of 三國 [San Guo] [The Three Kingdoms] to fly back to Taiwan in an attempt to placate his girlfriend; however, Lu WeiWen did not "appreciate" his attempt. Sitting in her tiny office, she used a high-pitched voice to say loudly to her co-workers, "He said that he doesn't like Annie and that he treats her just as any other friend. He has always said there's nothing between them. But, if there's nothing, then why is his big hand around her little hand?"

She continued, "I said to him, because the two of you didn't avoid doing things that might arouse suspicion, we have today, the current situation. He said that he acts like this with his younger brother as well, playing and having fun while walking in the streets. Do you believe him?" Soon after that, XiaoLu (Lu WeiWen) began telling her co-workers of the reason that Huang WeiDe had originally wanted to collaborate with Annie. Her tone was furious.

She also revealed that Huang DeWei had been to her house already to apologize; however, she had used "I'm going to bed" to reject him. However, because she has already been with him for 19 years, Lu WeiWen does not mean to give up on Huang DeWei. From her "I told him, what I didn't see is okay; they're all rumors" and her "In the future, he should be more on his guard," etc., it seems likely that, after she vents out her anger, she will most likely forgive the man who "strayed." When reporters arrived at the Rotary and buzzed up, stating their purpose, Lu WeiWen used "I don't know them" to reject meeting with them and asked her co-workers to close the metal gates. Later, when answering the phone, she pretended that she wasn't "XiaoLu" and that, if any more harassing phone calls came for her, she would sue.

Huang WeiDe's relationship with his brother, 黃維倫 Huang WeiLun, is very good; last year, when the younger brother got married and became a father, the elder brother hurried back to Taiwan from Mainland China, though he was busy filming at the time. At the ceremony, Huang WeiDe held hands with his girlfriend, Lu WeiWen, on the red carpet. Their fingers were interlaced together; they looked like they were practicing to become a "groom" and his "bride" in the future.

Younger brother Huang WeiLun said that, these past few days, he keeps receiving pictures of his brother and Annie holding hands; looking at them, they're all the same. He said bluntly that it seems like a publicity stunt. He said, "Sure enough, the higher the "scandal" point, the more people will look." In Huang WeiLun's eyes, his brother's EQ is even higher than his; last time, when they were all having a meal together at 驥園 Ji Yuan, a bunch of reporters swarmed up to take pictures. Huang WeiLun was so angry that he wanted to hit someone: "Everyone in our family is very low-key. However, if anybody wants to harm anyone in our family, I'll become very "high-key."" In other words, he is implying that he is willing to stand up for his brother. It looks like Huang WeiDe's affection for his brother was not wasted.

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