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Thursday, November 13, 2008

Ivy Lee Tzu Ning commits suicide

Third place in One Million Stars Third Class, Ivy Lee Tzu Ning committed suicide last night. She was taken to China Medical University Hospital to be rescued, unsuccessfully, and passed away.

Last night, Ivy Lee Tzu Ning was in Taichung, at the corner of Shi Shi Road and Dong Fu Road. There she was in a car where she committed suicide by exposing herself to high levels of carbon monoxide. When she was discovered she was taken to the hospital, but it was already too late. The police are doing further investigations.

Ivy Lee Tzu Ning has been known for her soul music and her deep, thick vocals, making her a special individual. In Shing Guang Third Class she was favoured and many thought her talents would be able to take her to great heights. She has admitted before that she was previously in a relationship with a major league baseball player. Even when he returned to the United States, they have always stayed in contact.

When the news got out, Ivy’s blog was already filled with many fans.

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