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Thursday, November 13, 2008

New Details: Annie Yi Neng Jing's Real Boyfriend is a Real Estate Mogul; Huang WeiDe is Only a Close Friend

News Source: Yahoo! Taiwan, InfoTimes,
Translation Credit: tammiest @
Annie Yi Neng Jing and Harlem Yu ChengQing (HaLin)'s marriage is shattered; rumors that 黃維德 Huang WeiDe is the "third party" have been circulating for a long time. In March of this year, famous Mainland entertainment critic "丹書光光 Dan Shu Guang Guang" wrote "Annie and Harlem have been divorced for a while" in his blog. In November, he divulged that Annie's real boyfriend is a Mainland real estate mogul; 黃維德 Huang WeiDe is only a "bosom friend."

Annie is often "caught" (by camera) with men in the Mainland; she always says that the men are "good sisters" of hers. 丹書光光 Dan Shu Guang Guang pointed out that Annie has both talent and beauty; naturally, she would have no lack of suitors. However, she very "cleverly" deals with and disposes of these "relations"; that she would hold hands with "bosom friend" 黃維德 Huang WeiDe while strolling in the streets is not strange.

Annie's real boyfriend is a famous Mainland real estate mogul and investor. He treats Annie very well and knows just how to make her happy: knowing that Annie really wanted to open up her own company and act as CEO, he silently supported her monetarily. He invested heavily in her company, 童夢電影公司 Tong Meng (Same Dream) Movies. At press time, Annie's manager and close friend 任月琴 Ren YueQin had no response to 丹書光光 Dan Shu Guang Guang's claims.

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