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Thursday, November 13, 2008

Aaron arrives late for his & GuiGui's date

source: Liberty Times
translated by: x-WISHFULthinking @
Aaron & GuiGui have become good friends since filming. In the past, GuiGui has been seen eating ramen and going to watch movie together with Yoga Lin. Now, the male lead has changed to Aaron. Yesterday, GuiGui and Aaron met up to watch a movie together, but Aaron was late, and arrived wearing sunglasses after the movie had already began for 3 minutes. GuiGui quickly urged him to go inside, and as he was late, Aaron did not dare to say anything, like a little kid who had done something wrong, and they entered the cinema in the dark.

After the movie finished, Aaron and GuiGui went to the booksore, and from time to time, GuiGui would caringly ask him, “Have you found the book you want yet?” Afterwards, the 2 got into a taxi and arrived at the “Sha Wu Li” restaurant on Da An Road to eat dinner. They even invited Xiao Gui and FanFan to be lightbulbs and join them. As soon as the food arrived, Aarron who was starving, immediately started to eat hot pot standing up, surprising onlookers.

They had not even finished eating yet, and already they were planning what to do next. GuiGui voiced her opinion first saying she wanted to go sing KTV, but FanFan did not seem too enthusiastic about that, so she gave up on the idea. Then, Xiao Gui joked to the female staff, “How about we ask Wu Zun to come to drink with us?” The female staff happily replied yes, but Xiao Gui laughed and said, “How is that possible!”

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