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Monday, November 3, 2008

Lollipop (Bang Bang Tang) Special Halloween day!

[2008-11-03] Having the chance to experience a special Halloween day, the boys were like little kids getting hyper while at the store picking out their outfit for Halloween. They were uncontrollable staffs were shocked and said “Once the boys get hyper they are uncontrollable!”

Having such a rare chance for Lollipop to join in the Halloween to dress up, surprisingly they wanted a “full change over”. Wang Zi dressed up as a little demon; Ao Quan turned into Sun Wu Kong and was jumping around pretending to be monkey king; Xiao Jie spreading the motherly love bottom half dressed up as a cow; the most kuso was A Wei ignored being told feminine wearing a wig and pretending to be Ah Hua.

The 6 boys had forgotten they are idols, once they were in the store they started searching and making a mess but luckily some store workers are fans of Lollipop. They shyly asked for Lollipop’s autograph, Lollipop happily gave them a warm hug and made the fans blushed. The boys jokingly said whoever loses will have to dress like this to buy some food. The staffs was shock and begged them to care about their image.

Translated by Choco-late

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