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Monday, November 3, 2008

[Ladies man] Shin gets to break the love rule; Joe Cheng recommended girlfriend during the event

The stylish Shin has held the signing session of his album [Planet that gathered happiness] today afternoon at Taipei, Ximending. This new album, not only contain Shin’s own dedication in producing the album, the record company is also showing much love to their main singer in Avex, willing to held a big album launching for him in Hong Kong and at the same time inviting actress Xu Jing Lei from Mainland to be the female lead in his music video, the promotion expenses for this album is quite a lot too, using a big amount of money to have tv advertisement for all the areas, to send out the message to the fans about how good this new album is going to be. Today during the event, the weather was sunny and clear but fans’ passions are even hotter, once Shin appeared on the stage, he has immediately performed a song for everyone; while the fans were using passionate screams to repay him.

Before the album launching, in order to have Shin concentrate on his work, the record company has especially release “Forbidden to love” rule and request Shin to not fall in love within 1 year. Today he is finally been release from this rule, during the signing session, Shin used a huge hammer to break the glass made “Forbidden to love” rule, to signify that he is back to freedom and can fall in love freely. Shin hopes that his future ideal girlfriend will not only love him, she also has to love his songs, and if she is able to love his little girl will be even better. When asked Xiao Zhong whether he has any tactics in pursuing a girl, Xiao Zhong immediately said the one who is good at pursuing girls should be Shin! Shin, shyly said that the most effective tactic to pursuing girls will be honesty.

During the signing session, other than breaking the Forbidden to love rule, the event has also invited a very special guest, Zheng Yuan Chang, the two guys have worked together before in an idol series and that’s how they have become great friends; but in just so happens that both of these tall guys doesn’t play basket ball during their free time instead they will go to KTV to sing. In order to wish Shin to have a good sale for his album, Zheng Yuan Chang has especially brought a plate of “Sao Mai Tower” to signify that his albm will sale hotly. Xiao Zhong who hasn’t eaten anything, can’t help but take a bite. Album launching happens to share the same time with Jay Chou and Mayday, Shin does not have any pressure and he believes that the number of sales is something that he can’t control, but he believes that good music will not be neglected.

The music video for the new album has able to invited actress Xu Jing Lei from Mainland as the female lead, Shin is very content and later on Shin is thinking about asking Xiao Zhong to borrow his onscreen partner, Lin Yi Chen, who happens to be the newly winner of the Best Leading Actress in the Golden Bell Award, for a while to work together in a music video. Xiao Zhong who has just confessed to Lin Yi Chen previously has recommended it generously and didn’t mind a bit. When the reporter asked whether good things should be sharing with friends? Xiao Zhong smiles shyly without commenting.

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