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Monday, November 3, 2008

Last concert for Asia Tour; Ayumi Hamasaki pressing the ear plug of her left ear; hearing is not cured yet

[Ayumi] Ayumi Hamasaki has exploded the Taipei Arena, she has worked hard on her performance, not only she was leading the entire crowd to sing and dance with her, she and dancer ZIN, guitar player Yoshio Nomura have been working together to heat up the atmosphere but she would often used her hand to press the microphone of her left ear, it was clear that the damage of her left side hearing is still not cured yet.

Admitted losing her hearing; being accused of creating publicity
The night of 2nd November, Ayumi Hamasaki held her [ASIA TOUR 2008 – 10th Anniversary-] the last stop of her Asia Tour. This performance has also ended beautifully as her 10th anniversary since she has joined the music industry.

Previously she confessed in her official website that she has problem hearing with her left ear, and that’s why she has been visiting the doctors; while she was singing [Dearest You], [Voyage] and other romantic songs. She would often used her hand to press at the microphone of her left ear, seems like she was unable to hear them clearly, makes the fans worried to see such a scene. Last time the gossip magazines talked about her losing her hearing is actually to stir up publicity, but now it seems like this time it has proven that those reports were just groundless rumors.

Changing 6 outfits; creating atmosphere with guitar player
Ayumi has changed a total of 6 outfits during the concert, her regular band guitar player Yoshio Nomura was not bad too, using different kinds of guitars to compete with her. While performing [Evolution] and [Surreal], Ayumi not only perform hot dancing but she has also hugged Yoshio’s shoulder tightly, making the crowd screaming non-stop.

During the middle of the encore, the male dancer ZIN appeared on the stage and leads the whole crowd to do the same hand gestures together during the song [My All], he even used accurate mandarin to explain about the steps, Ayumi followed his lead, and said in Mandarin: [Hugged, push- out], making the fans shouting [You’re so cute!]

Best actress in leopard print; Ariel Lin was there to watch
Ayumi’s charm even makes the newly Best Leading Actress Lin Yi Chen hard to resists, she has puts on leopard print apparel to attend the concert, praising Ayumi Hamasaki is as beautiful as Barbie (doll).

While Zheng Yuan Chang and Eddie Peng were there to watch the concert too. Zheng Yuan Chang said that Ayumi Hamasaki’s performance can be said as [Number One in Asia], he was totally amazed by all her images that she had in all her albums. Ayumi Hamasaki is scheduled to leave Taiwan today at 2.50pm by Japan Airline flight JL648

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