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Monday, November 3, 2008

Daniel Wu Dressed Up As A Geek Guy Attended A Halloween Party With His Girlfriend

Sina entertainment news- Daniel Wu and girlfriend Lisa S, Yin Ziwei,连凯 ,Candy Lo, 陈子聪,etc attended a Halloween costume party sponsored by a well-known Canadian liquor brand, Belvedere. Daniel Wu attended the Halloween party dressed up as a computer "Geek Guy", and he spoke frankly that his get up looks very much what he really is. In addition, he has been busy with work recently,and only during his idle days, he would stay home, playing with his computer. The break up rumors collapsed when Daniel Wu was at the place happy with his girlfriend Lisa S. It's been awhile since the lovers appeared together in public, so naturally, they were asked questions on when are they going to get married. Daniel Wu earnestly expressed that currently, he is busy with work, and he can not afford to shoulder the responsibility of raising children yet, and is considering to get married before he turns 40.

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