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Monday, November 3, 2008

About Jay, Jolin: Whatever he says goes

Yesterday, Jolin Tsai attended a promotional event for her endorsement, showing off her long and flowy hair. There have been rumours buzzing that she intends to return to her old boss Chen Zhe Shan and sign a contract with Hua Na. To that, Jay Chou earlier commented: 'Then be careful!' Under the reporters' unyielding questioning, Jolin only said: "I don't want to reply. Whatever he says goes," with a blank face. After the quarrel the two had last year over false sales records, have the two of them stopped contact with each other? Jolin silently confirmed that.

At first, Jolin was to release her new english book cum album, 'Love Excercise' in March this year in the whole of Asia, but the whole thing got delayed, and 7 months later it finally got released. Jolin, who just finished her Macau concert stop, said: "This few days my schedule is very packed, I don't have time for promotions."

Earlier on she went New York for dancing classes; Jolin, who loves anything romantic, said she had a lasting impression of New York's horse drawn carriages, because in the movies, the romantic scenes always have something to do with carriages. She has always dreamt of sitting in one to get to an event - yesterday she fulfilled that wish, letting her be very happy.

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