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Monday, November 3, 2008

Genie Zhuo is cheated on; becomes third party

source: UDN

Genie Zhuo, who is about to release her new album, yesterday went on “Dong Feng Yu Le Tong” and revealed that lately, she has had a lot of bad things happening to her. First, her new album’s title track “Chu Shu Yang Tian” was criticized by online netizens for copying Rainie’s new album “Ban Shou Xuan Yan”. Genie also revealed that she has been very unlucky in love. 3 weeks ago, she had just ended a relationship, because the opposite party cheated, and for some reason, she herself became the third party. Also, in the middle of the night, she received a harassment phone call from his real girlfriend. This made Genie scream that she needs to find time to go and pray.

In response to herself becoming the third party, Genie expressed, “Really very unlucky!” She said that approximately one month ago, through friends, she met a guitarist surnamed “Chen” in the recording studio. Both of them were 22 years old, and they had lots to talk about. After 1 month of the ambiguous period, they began to date, but little did she know that her nightmare was about to begin. Previously, she had asked him whether he was single and he had replied yes, even saying that he hates guys who cheat.

However, after gaining her trust, Genie unexpectedly received a text in the middle of the night from him using a different phone number, asking whether she really does like him. Afterwards, did Genie realize that it was actually from his girlfriend, and she even phoned, telling Genie to stop being the fox spirit. Genie expressed that she felt startled and awkward, but mostly very hurt.

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