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Monday, November 3, 2008

Yuan Heping does directing again for "Beggar So", Jay Chou to play God of martial arts

The main leading role of the movie Beggar So will be played by Vincent Zhao, what role is Jay Chou playing then? In actually fact Jay Chou will be playing an invincible "God of martial arts". Talking about the preparations he's doing for this movie, Jay Chou said: "I've seen all the movies from the seniors [from the cast]. But teacher Zhao is having to lose weight for the movie, I have to gain weight, I'm too skinny. Recently I've gotten fatter, this is my homework. I think that after I join the crew, it'll be like challenging myself, I have to begin training nicely."

Jay Chou frankly said that he was looking forward to this role a lot, "I think this ought to be someone invincible and amazing in history, I can't say too much, everyone will find out when they watch the movie." Even though he doesn't have many scenes in the movie, but it seems Jay Chou doesn't mind too much, he say it's amazing to just fight, he also laughed saying Vincent Zhao will have to be careful about him. And when the presenter asked if he had any scenes with Zhou Xun, he called Zhou Xun "big sister Zhou", "At the start when I heard Zhou Xun was going to act in this movie, I said will I have the chance to do a scene with big sister Zhou this time, the result was that my scenes are with Vincent Zhao."

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