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Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Joe Cheng commented about his makeover rumors; admitted that his double eyelids are fake

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Previously, when Taiwanese popular male actor Zheng Yuan Chang has guest star in one of the entertainment show in Mainland, he has directly commented about his ‘makeover’ rumor, admitted directly from himself that his double eyelids are fake, he is only using a particular brand of glue to allow him to have [double eyelids]. During the recording of the show, Zheng Yuan Chang even personally demonstrates the [special technique] to have double eyelids for the host.

During the show, when the host talked about Zheng Yuan Chang’s [Single and Double] eyelids, Zheng Yuan Chang bluntly admitted that his double eyelids did undergo special techniques before ‘making’ them to appear but it wasn’t like what the rumor has said about going through surgery. Zheng Yuan Chang even demonstrates it during the recording, using his own double eyelids glue to help the host to ‘change’ his single eyelids into double eyelids. Zheng Yuan Chang strongly emphasize that, using this glue requires one to go through a long term practice before mastering the techniques. Then because of gluing the same place over and over again, the eyelids will have a folding mark so from then onwards you only need to blink your eyes and then very naturally you will have double eyelids result.

After being absence for more than 2 years in Mainland’s entertainment show, this time Zheng Yuan Chang has attracted a lot of fans to attend the show. The fans are full content with his [teeth adjustment, diet and tanned] new image and have been searching madly for his [double eyelids glue] brand on the internet and other related information.

During the recording of the show, Zheng Yuan Chang and Lin Yi Chen’s rumor was being brought up by the host, Xie Na, one of the host, has been talking about Lin Yi Chen almost all the time and even used [Xie Yi Chen] as her name when she and Zheng Yuan Chang has to act as a couple during the show. Zheng Yuan Chang also didn’t avoid the [ambiguous relationship] that he has with Lin Yi Chen.

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