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Tuesday, November 11, 2008

FanFan Fan WeiQi's Concert Praised By Public; Boyfriend Blackie (Hei Ren) Thoughtfully Gives Her a Guitar As a Present

News Source: Yahoo! Taiwan, NOWNews,
Translation Credit: tammiest @

FanFan Fan WeiQi's concert in Taipei was wildly successful; many of her good friends sent her text messages of encouragement and congratulations. When she learned of the positive reactions to her concert, she let out a sigh of relief. FanFan said, "It's like the saying: 'once your head is through, your body will follow.' Right now, I am actively planning and preparing the contents of my Taichung concert. I won't be as anxious and nervous as I was right before my first concert this time around, though." She promised that she would come up with even more surprises for her fans in Taichung.

FanFan, whose musical style can be described as "folk rock," has actually also written a few lively dance tunes in the past, such as Hei Se Hui Mei Mei (Hey Girl)'s 幸福的泡泡 [Xing Fu De Pao Pao] [Bubbles of Happiness] and Shake It Baby. She guaranteed that she would make the excitement at the upcoming Taichung concert go through the roof! She will attempt to play the guitar and sing at the same time; she said, laughing, "Recently, I've got a lot of "fate" with guitars. I currently have three!" Apparently, the president of Da Da Art gave her a guitar as a present of congratulations for the success of her Taipei concert; good friend Makiyo lent her the exclusive electric guitar she used during the making of her (Makiyo's) 養我一輩子 [Yang Wo Yi Bei Zi] [Take Care of Me For a Lifetime]. The most special guitar, however, is the one which FanFan's boyfriend, Blackie (Hei Ren), gave her as an "apology present": a pure white guitar specially ordered from and completely handcrafted by Ayers.

On the eve before the concert, Blackie borrowed FanFan's laptop from her; he then accidentally dropped it on the ground. Afterwards, the computer refused even to start up; this made FanFan angry. In order to apologize, Blackie secretly ordered a hand-crafted guitar worth $100,000 NTD for FanFan; to make her happy, he even had the guitar inlaid with a picture of FanFan's favorite cartoon in mother-of-pearl. He also inscribed the words "范范之輩 [FanFan Zhi Bei] [Ordinary Person (FanFan Generation)]*" on the guitar, thus touching her.
* Translator's Note: She has a song by the same name, which is why I chose to translate the phrase this way. In reality, it's a "pun" using FanFan's name and the cheng yu 泛泛之輩 fan fan zhi bei, which means "ordinary people."

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