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Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Trying for the stage play for the first time; Joe Cheng said this is a [Treachery with a Smile] type of story

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The stage play [Design for Living] which is about to perform during 12th – 14th December at Shanghai Oriental Art Center, the production team is now currently having their busy closed door rehearsal in Taipei. It has a total of 13 cast for this play, Sylvia Chang will be the cruel hearted lady boss and happens to represent the 13 types of people in the current society ---- [Happy Tribe], [Pleasure Tribe], [BoBo tribe] etc. Zheng Yuan Chang who is always the [Young and Handsome] guy in the idol series, will be the taking the role as the main male lead, sharing the same stage and scenes together with Sylvia Chang. The day before yesterday when Zheng Yuan Chang was being interviewed by the reporters, he said that [This is the treachery with a smile type of story; every move will be piercing into the heart of the audiences.]

First debut stage plays performance and was never an office worker Zheng Yuan Chang is fully prepared to take on this challenging role. He has been repeatedly figuring out the character’s image, conflicts, changes etc. He who has never has any exposure to stage play performance, [Heard from some of the friends who are in the entertainment industry said that stage play performances can be very addictive, the audience will give you immediate responses; or whether it is good or not you will be able to feel it from the audience immediately. While for the idol series, you may have to wait until the time that it was airing before you can get the feedback from the viewers.]

Sylvia Chang will play the role as the lady boss in the story. She has her own way in doing her work and she has been carried out a lot of plans in order to maintain her status. Zheng Yuan Chang said that Sylvia Chang’s dedication on her work has left a deep impression on him, [It will be hard to restrain myself from not observing her while she was busy focusing on her work.]

Director Edward Lim has used a special practice technique for their rehearsal, [Like playing “expression domain” where the cast will draw out 4 squares of feelings on the floor, then 2 people will simply walked around those 4 squares, delivering their lines, even has to direct and act out themselves, experiencing the impact of each feelings.] Even though at the moment our rehearsals are still in the process of rationalize with the scripts but this time of improvisations with the expression have somehow breaks away the unfamiliar feelings and distance between the cast.

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