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Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Jessie (Jiang Yu Chen) makes an oath: "If I am dating Jay Chou, let me die from obesity!"

source: chinatimes
translated by: x-WISHFULthinking @

J-girl Jiang Yu Chen has officially cleared up her rumours with Jay Chou, saying: “If we were previously together, or are together now, then let me die from obesity!” Coincidentally, Jiang Yu Chen’s english name is Jessie, and after rumouring with Jay, they have become the new “Double J”.

Press conference for new album; Jay offers congratulations through VCR

Jessie held a press conference for her new album yesterday, and 2 of the songs in her album are composed by Jay. Although Jay did not personally come to the event, he offered his congratulations through VCR, but it seems he wants to avoid more rumours as he pulled his good friend Will Liu to film the VCR with him. Jay revealed that initially, he wanted to sign Jessie, however rumours ruined everything*, and hence he apologized. He also jokingly complained that the title track for her new album is not written by him, making him unhappy. This made Jessie laugh.

Praised her for being pretty; insists there is no electricity

Jessie and Jay speak with one voice, wanting to get rid of the rumours, both expressing that they are only good friends. Jessie emphasized that her BMW was not given by Jay, but was given by her grandpa to transport her sick grandma to and from the hospital. She also said that she has never been to Jay’s house, and the BMW that was infront of Jay’s car is not her car.

On the topic of Jay, Jessie greatly praised him saying he can compose, good to his family, lots of talent and even admitted that he was her idol when she was in junior high. However she insisted that there is no electricity between them, and they get along like brothers. She even expressed that Jay hardly ever praises her for being pretty, but rather always teases her about having a manly voice, and always telling her not to talk too much: “Only after filming his “Qing Tian Wa Wa” and “The Longest Movie” MVs did he say I was pretty, and I think he was talking about in the MV.”

Jessie met Jay 2 years ago, and she even tried out for the role of Qing Yi in Jay’s movie “The Secret That Cannot Be Told”. Although she did not get the role, she left a deep impression on Jay and since have become good friends.

*I think he means that if he signs her, then people will think he is only doing so because he likes her, and not because she has talent.

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