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Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Expresses Herself On Blog? Annie Yi NengJing: "Meeting You Has Allowed Me To See Myself Crazy in Love"

"Priestess of Beauty" Annie Yi NengJing has been in Mainland China for the past couple of years, filming. On the 10th, she was "caught" by a certain Mainland website on the streets of Beijing with her long-rumored boyfriend, 黃維德 Huang WeiDe. The pair were acting very sweetly and intimately with each other, openly holding each other's hands and lacing their fingers together. This "secret" love affair, suspected and rumored for two years, was, thus, formally exposed and brought into the open. Annie, who has always given off a vibe of "sickeningly sweet" and "willing to love," is not stingy when it comes to sharing her feelings toward love: she wrote freely about it on-line.

Her latest blog entry, dated November the 4th, is titled "The Sweetheart and Poems I Have Forgotten and Left Behind." The entry reveals a woman longing for love and her feelings toward love. She also confides that, in her most "familiar" place, she feels like a "stranger." Word by word, sentence by sentence, she reveals practically everything: her heart is no longer in that most "familiar" place or with that formerly most "familiar" person. Instead, it is with the lover who has "captured" and captivated her.

"I don't know how it happened, but I feel as though I'm a foreigner in a strange land. I'm drifting quietly in a city in a country with which I have no real connection. But these are actually the streets with which I'm most familiar, the ones I used to walk daily."

News Source: Yahoo! Taiwan, NOWNews,
Translation Credit: tammiest @

"What is the reason that can make me keep on loving, regardless of everything, charging recklessly onward? Is it you?"

"The people hurrying and bustling in the street have no expressions on their faces; love, to them, has already become a sort of burden. The more mature someone is, the more willing he or she is to cast aside pure, unadulterated love and emotion. Money, success, respect, etc.-- they are all more important than love, but... you have known all along, I am the type who can give up everything, who doesn't need anything... I only want you."

"I once thought that I was too afraid to love, that I didn't want to love, that I wouldn't love, that I didn't want love! I shut myself off from the world; I closed myself. I thought that I was safe this way, but it seems that fate meant for me to meet you. However, that I could face and understand the me who's crazy in love, a result of meeting you-- can this be considered good fortune?"

In the world of love, Annie and Harlem Yu ChengQing (HaLin) have already been married for years; it would be odd for her to suddenly experience such passionately romantic feelings for him. At any rate, in that relationship, the romantic "I can give up everything (for you)" is somewhat unnecessary.

If Annie's blog entry is not a real entry at all, but is rather a sample of her own prose or short story, then we can only say that she is a good writer, indeed, and that it is no wonder that her books sell well.

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