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Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Annie Yi NengJing Is Attacked By Netizens; Called "Fake" and "Disgusting"

News Source: Yahoo! Taiwan, LibertyTimes,
Translation Credit: tammiest @

Annie Yi NengJing's extramarital affair with 黃維德 Huang WeiDe has been exposed!, causing a sensation in Taiwan, Hong Kong, and Mainland China. Many netizens support Harlem Yu ChengQing (HaLin), the jilted husband; they have rallied together in righteous indignation. In just one night, netizens filled Annie's blog with gibes, jeers, and bashings. They accused her of treating them as fools and idiots, playing with them; they told her, "As a person, you should be clean." Someone even mocked her, saying, "Both on-screen and off, you have brought 徐志摩 Xu ZhiMo's 陸小曼 Lu XiaoMan to life."*
* Translator's Comment: 陸小曼 Lu XiaoMan was 徐志摩 Xu ZhiMo (a famous poet)'s wife. After marrying him, she cheated on him and became addicted to opium. In the end, Xu died while flying back to join her; he had had been busy making money to feed her addiction. Annie played her in the drama 人間四月天 [Ren Jian Si Yue Tian] [April Rhapsody].

Despite Many Love Rumors, Harlem Chooses To Stand By Wife

Annie and Harlem, from courtship to marriage, have been together for approximately 22 years. To others, their love seemed deep; however, there was actually a secret, heart-rending history of tears and unhappiness between them. Although Annie has had numerous love rumors, she has always been able to overcome them, and her husband, Harlem, has always stood by her side and supported her.

However, the netizens can't seem to stomach her scandal this time-- in which she was caught strolling and holding hands with 黃維德 Huang WeiDe. Not only have they rallied and attacked her on PTT (the largest and most popular Taiwanese forum), they have also "infiltrated" her blog and blasted her for abandoning her husband and child and having an extramarital affair. Faced with attacks and condemnation from all sides, can Annie pass through this most recent scandal? The answer to that question is still unknown.

Extra-Marital Affair Exposed; Netizens Angry

A netizen had this to say about Annie's unethical relationship with 黃維德 Huang WeiDe: "Aren't you too excessive? A woman with both a husband and a child, holding hands with another male celebrity. When I see the picture (of you two), I feel really sick and disgusted. It's very shameless." Another, just as angry: "On stage, you are one way. Off stage, you are another. You only do superficial work. Now, reading what you have written... it makes me feel that you are very fake; it makes me feel sick. Think of your son."

There are also netizens who sympathize with Harlem and their young son, 小哈利 Xiao HaLi: "Ai! If Xiao HaLi could understand these things, he would feel very upset upon reading this news." Someone else said, very sadly, "You've hurt yourself as well as the family which loves you and the people who care about you. You've harmed the person who has supported you for 20 years. How many "20 years" are there in one's life? Are you really happy this way?" Everybody is feeling very resentful over Annie's "trail" off the tracks; in swarms, they attack her on the Internet for not following the "proper rules of conduct for a wife and mother."

Netizens Sympathize With Little Harry; Call Annie Yi NengJing a "Liar" and a "Cheat"
Date: November 12, 2008
News Source: Yahoo! Taiwan, InfoTimes,
Translation Credit: tammiest @
* Please credit accordingly if/when posting elsewhere. Thank you!

After Annie Yi NengJing's extramarital affair with 黃維德 Huang WeiDe was exposed, both of their blogs were swarmed by visitors. Messages of disapproval far exceeded those of support. In this "private" affair, many netizens feel heartache over 小哈利 Xiao HaLi, Annie's son with husband Harlem, and his future.

Annie often expresses herself on her Sina Blog; she writes love prose and of her feelings toward 小哈利 Xiao HaLi. Netizens who had once read her entries diligently have now turned on her, criticizing her as a "liar" and a "cheat": "I can go burn my copy of 生死遺言 [Sheng Si Yi Yan] [Testament of Life and Death] (Annie's book, detailing her love for husband Harlem) now." A netizen named 宣宣 XuanXuan expressed her disappointment: "Do you really care about your son? Or does your love for yourself surpass that you have for your child?" There was also a netizen who pasted the lyrics to 春泥 [Chun Ni] [Spring Soil], the song Annie wrote for Harlem to her blog. Now, the words seem mocking.


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Anonymous said...

The above comment came from a complete sexist. Disgusting that such narrow-minded individuals still exist in today's society. You are not a trash/tramp/whore as long as you are conscientious of how your actions impact those you love.

Anonymous said...

even if you are conscientious, if you chose to secretly do it in order to prevent heartbreak, they are still considered trash/tramp/whore.

I think prostitutes should be no 1. They are without pretentions.

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