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Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Barbie Hsu releases her True Colour

Barbie Hsu releases her True Colour
Artcile from Men's Uno magazine - November 2008

translation by Initial E @

Looking at her, I completely understand why her petite face does not have many age marks - it's because her smile changes all that. Barbie Hsu (Da S) lives by maintaining a cheerful, sweet and elegant attitude. At 32 years old, she embraces life's many colours.

Hearing Da S talk, you feel a sort of breeziness and warmth in her tone, you feel as though you are walking in happiness; you can almost confirm that she hasn't been tainted by anything in life before - this adorable girl happily lives life to the fullest with her exciting entertainment career. 'When I was about ten, I was very curious and excited about stepping into this road, which is so eventful and so rewarding, letting me have many beautiful memories. I discovered that happiness will always be with me. All those that I worked for and got, I will always remember it.' While she said this, her smile got even more and more brilliant.

Da S, who turned 32 on the 6th of October, has reached a previously impossible, perfect world. Her smile throughout the interview, her eyes that showed her sense of peace in this world, added to the radiance of her skin - all this showed her great mood. "From work to my family, I always enjoy and feel the sense of achievement. In these few years, my life has undergone many changes, but I always tell myself to deal with things as they come, this is the best method. Every minute, every second, as long as I concentrate on dealing with any thing, that will be fine." All these words spoken by Da S had her strong sense of certainty in them.

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