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Thursday, November 13, 2008

Hold a night meeting as the boss, Jay Chou sits in the corner with a low profile being mysterious

Source: Dahe

Recently Jay Chou went to Shanghai to attend some events, his good friend Will Liu and his wife accompanied him. Jay Chou, who has already honourably become the boss of "JVR Music", has become the real "Director Chou", Jay Chou, who works for himself, held a work meeting personally in the middle of the night, they worked overtime to plan the future development of the company, he also admitted he will be directing a new movie at the end of the year.
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After the event finished on that day, Jay Chou already went back to the hotel, afterwards he came down while protected by his bodyguards, he held a meeting with Will Liu, his wife and 3 other men at the hotel, the discussion was very heated, Will Liu even stood up to talk. Jay Chou was extremely low profile, not only did he choose to sit at the corner for the hall, he also insisted on having his back towards the "audience", he practically didn't attract anyone's attention at all. Besides this, after establishing "JVR Music" Jay Chou has hired personal bodyguards, they sat on a different table observing the surroundings, they also paid in his place. Even though he flew here and there all day, but this overtime meeting Jay Chou held lasted until the morning, being the boss, it was extra tiring.

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