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Friday, November 14, 2008

Ariel Lin regrets inability to share Golden Bell, sisterly relationship is deep, mourns Wei Lun at night

Apple Daily
Translated by
When Lin Yi Chen won Golden Bell Award for Best Leading Actress in "They Kiss Again", she was very upset about not mentioning good friend Xu Wei Lun onstage, to share the trophy with her. At that time she and Zheng Yuan Chang (Xiao Zhong) agreed to visit Xu Wei Lun on her birthday on the 13th, turns out what she said she really can do. After finishing recording at GTV yesterday night, she went directly to the Xu family, accompanying the Xu family to eat dinner one day before Xu Wei Lun’s birthday. Lin Yi Chen says: [I had agreed with Xiao Zhong and Rainie to eat hot pot together with Xu baba and Xu mama.]

Lin Yi Chen and Xiao Zhong have recently been busy promoting "Love or Bread”. After finishing work yesterday, not having enough time to clean up make-up and hair and looking in a hurry she took a taxi alone to Xu Wei Lun’s Da An Road house. In her hands she held large and small bags and posters, going to the Xu family door and talking into the walkie-talkie doorbell. Not very long after, someone from the Xu family opened to door to let her in, getting along as familiar as a family. Later, the Xu family had friends come over, and she was seen helping them open the door, showing that Lin Yi Chen and the Xu family are extremely close.

Afraid of bringing up painful feelings, Lin Yi Chen did not go into Xu Wei Lin’s room. Lin Yi Chen said: [I did not go into Wei Lun’s room, only stayed in the dining room, accompanying Xu baba and Xu mama to eat dinner, chatting about each other’s recent situations together with Xiao Zhong and Rainie.] Xu Wei Lun’s parents regret their beloved daughter having an accident and dying during the process of filming, and during the meeting, they repeatedly urged the three people to be careful when working. Lin Yi Chen said: [They want us to pay attention to safety, only do what we have the ability to do, and not to force ourselves.]

Recently Lin Yi Chen has been busy promoting "Love or Bread", and next she will also go on to film GTV’s "Extravagant Challenge”. However, she promises that she will definitely personally go to Fu Tian cemetery to visit Xu Wei Lun, talking as good sisters.

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