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Tuesday, November 4, 2008

"Beggar So" character looks exposed, Jay Chou's God of martial arts look is still a riddle

The looks in "Beggar So" are being handled by Xi Zhongwen, he's created them with the traditional Qing Dynasty clothes in mind. Among the looks exposed in pictures besides the male and female leads, there were also the looks of Guo Xiaodong, Andy On and others. But the one that everyone looked forward to was no doubt Jay Chou's "God of martial arts" look. In "Beggar So", Jay Chou plays a graceful looking God of martial arts with top notch Wu Gong, Beggar So only understood the lost knowledge of Wushu with his help. This article is translated by

At the moment they have only publicized the appearance design image of Jay Chou's "God of martial arts", he's got a cloak, with opera masks hanging from his waist, he looks cool and full of mystery, so what will he look like when Jay Chou takes on this secluded master, this has become a mystery everyone will look forward to in the movie "Beggar So".

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