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Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Ethan Ruan and Gillian Chung pair up for new drama "Bai Quan Nv Wang"

SETTV new drama “Bai Quan Nv Wang” has confirmed leads Ethan Ruan and Cheryl Yang. However it took a long time to look for the second female lead, even Ethan’s ex-girlfriend Esther Liu passed up the role. In the end, because there is a character called “Chen Guan Qi” in the drama, the drama crew rested on Gillian Chung from TWINS to play the second female lead. Coincidentally, Angie Chai’s new drama will begin filming in December, and Charlene Choi and Mike He have been chosen as the leads.

It seems that TWINS have both chosen to develop in Taiwan. Charlene does not need to worry about this, however ever since the nude photo scandal, Gillian has been unemployed till now. Even her scenes in “Mei Lan Fang” were completely cut out. Now that SETTV have come to her door, Gillian has expressed great sincerity, and whether it is schedule or pay, she only wishes to adapt a low profile.

However, Gillian’s pay will still be more than Ethan and Cheryl. Previously, TWINS once requested a $4,000,000 pay for one month. Now, there has already been a discount. SETTV director Chen Yu Shan expressed, “We can only say that this is a female star’s pay, but she really is very sincere.”

In the drama, Gillian will play a girl who was born in America and is a very innocent beautiful young girl. However, because she got raped by a bad guy called “Chen Guan Qi”, she leaves and hides in Taiwan. While in Taiwan, she uglifies herself, wearing big black-framed glasses and braces, but one day in the magazine office, she meets Ethan Ruan.

This drama has been tailored to fit Ethan, and wants to strongly promote his assets, which is to reveal his Taiwan stallion good body. In the drama, he will go surfing, have bed scenes, and he even needs to take off his upper clothing to be a window-washer. He will no longer be “Ji She Zhang” but rather he will be from the working-class, and on Christmas night, he meets Cheryl Yang, and out of sympathy, he sleeps with her.

Extra info from chinatimes:

- Gillian will be paid $100,000TWD per episode, higher than Ethan's $80,000 and Cheryl's $70,000
- To prevent from being linked to Edison Chen’s name – Chen Guan Xi, the character in the drama – ‘Chen Guan Qi’ will be changed to ‘Mai Si Ding’
- SETTV Director Chen Yu Shan expressed, “Gillian's acting is not bad, and is suitable to play an innocent beautiful young girl. This role is quite hard to play, so we’re afraid that if we get a newbie to play it, the result will not be as good.”
- Coincidentally, the character that Ethan plays is named Lucas, which is also Cecilia Chung's son's english name. Gillian's manager Huo Wen Xi yesterday replied, “If there is anything new, we will let everyone know. Thanks for everyone’s concerns.”

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