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Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Ethan Ruan and Chen Qiao En crowned King and Queen at the 2008 Taipei TV & Film Festival

Separating with Ethan Ruan, Chen Qiao En and Ming Dao reunite in Beijing

Even though they did not win at the Golden Bell Award, Ethan Ruan and Chen Qiao En’s popularity is unstoppable. At the 5th Taipei TV & Film Festival, they win the “idol drama king” and “idol drama queen” titles separately. “Fated To Love You” is also voted “best drama” by netizens. However, after the king and queen receive their awards, they have to go separate ways. Chen Qiao En will be flying to Beijing on the 6th November and reunite with old love Ming Dao in foreign land.

“Fated” brings Mr. and Mrs. Ji to fame

In the Taipei film festival organized by the news agency under Executive Yuan, the “2008 top 10 drama series” is the most closely watched on the internet. Chen Qiao En’s 29458 votes (52.1%) and Ethan Ruan’s 14688 votes (28%) wins them the “08 idol drama queen, king” throne. This year most influential drama is also won by “Fated To Love You” with vote count of 20842 (31.9%). When Chen Qiao En receives the award, she says “Even though I did not win the Golden Globe; but I am happy to win the “2008 idol drama queen” award, which is also the first award I receive this year”. As movies are popular now, she did not forget to introduce herself: “I also wish to act in movie, quickly look for me.” She hopes that her own movie work will appear at the next year’s film festival.

Even though he was not nominated in the Golden Bell; after receiving the award, Ethan Ruan joked: “This king award is really heavy, the organizers are really sincere”. He did not forget to promote his new drama: “The original script written for Taiwanese idol dramas are very popular. Like the story in next year’s “Bai Quan Queen”, the things that happen in the drama can also happen around us, it will be able to strike a chord with the audience.”

Chen Qiao En will be flying to Beijing and reunite with Ming Dao

After Chen Qiao En was nominated in the Golden Bell, her status rose rapidly. She just signed an endorsement contract with Avon for a seven figure sum. Besides filming advertisements, she will also act as “Miss Avon” and film enterprise educational short films that encourage the ordinary women that if they are earnest they will become beautiful.

Holding the award in her hand, Chen Qiao En said with feelings: “When I did not win the Golden Bell, I did feel a little disappointed, but I did not cry. Next time I will have more experience.” She also revealed that she will be flying to Beijing on the 6th November and reunites with Ming Dao in her new drama “Staying by Sunshine, Staying by You”. In the drama she will be acting as a blind girl. Because Beijing is colder, she said that she has already prepared a box of facial masks to use every day. She will return to Taipei in December to film an advertisement for Avon. Later on, she plans to buy an apartment.

Ethan is not lonely, writes a photo book for you

While Chen Qiao En has a busy schedule, Ethan Ruan is not free either. Other than preparing for SET’s “Bai Quan Queen”, he is also currently promoting his own photo book “ALOHA in Hawaii”. Ethan jokes that in order to stimulate the sales of the book, he is asking his friends to buy. A good friend in Taichung has also ordered a thousand copies. Ethan said proudly: “I think it cool to launch my own book!” Ethan also hopes that everybody will support and feedback on his book.

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