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Sunday, November 9, 2008

Xu Wei Lun turns 30, 50 fans give cake to console her parents

13th of this month is Xu Wei Lun's 30th birthday, her parents, brother, best friends Xiao Gui, Chen Yu Fan etc, and plus 50 loyal fans gather at her columbarium "Dan Dan Miao Ju" to celebrate an early birthday for her. Some people brought cakes, some brought flowers, the table is filled with presents, everyone talks and laughs, just like they are really celebrating her birthday. Xu's mother felt very sad when she saw this, "Seeing that everyone is so considerate, i'm very touched, it will be better if Wei lun is here too."

She should be turning 30 this year if she's alive, but on the january of last year she met a car accident and ended her 28 years old life. When Xu's mother went to the columbarium yesterday, her expression seems to be very depressed. When she was asked, "how is she doing recently?", she replied that it's still very hard for her.

Xu's mother said that, "Wei Lun's this bunch of friends are really good, whenever there's a festival or celebration, they will call us to ask how are we doing and some even visit us. There's so many people that came today, i'm glad." Everyone gives greeting to her ashes and her brother gives money paper offerings to her. Many people put up many pictures of her, small glass house, piano models and sheep doll for decoration.

Xu's father was very touched, he cried and wiped off his tears silently when he saw the friends of her daughter giving her so many presents. He organize the table to put the presents up and keep saying, "Thanks for coming." He cut the Mickey mouse cake which the fans brought and share it with everyone.

Not long ago, Xu Wei Lun's grandfather passed away. His ashes were stored in the same floor as where her ashes were stored so that both of them have each other's company. Ariel Lin who just won Golden Bell's best actress award said that she want to visit Xu Wei Lun with Joe Cheng. but both of them weren't there yesterday. The company said that both of them will find other time to visit her. Wei Lun's boyfriend, Xiao Pai who is now in China also said that he will find other time to visit her.

Translated by: c_gunawan541@asianfanatics

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