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Sunday, November 9, 2008

Patty Hou reveals her ideal qualities in a boyfriend; Doesn't dare to ask Jay Chou: 'Do you still love me?'

"I don't wish for my boyfriend to be an international celebrity, loved by many." It isn't sure whether the hurt inflicted by her relationship with Jay Chou was too deep, but whenever Patty Hou answers questions to do with relationships, she is always very careful; she also says that she herself does not dare to ask Jay Chou if 'you still love me'.

When Patty Hou accepted a recent interview, she revealed her ideal qualities in a boyfriend: "He just needs to be filial and kind hearted. Looks do not matter, because once you see it many times, it will just become blurry, but if there is no good heart, everything about him won't be good." About Jay Chou, she expressed that if there is a possibility, she would agree to a reconciliation (E: YES!). The reporter pressed on, asking her what she would say if Jay Chou went on her programme. She answered that she would ask him whether he had any new relationships: "It's up to him, whether he wants to answer or not.". About the question, 'do you still love me?' Patty said that she would not ask that on her programme.

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