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Friday, November 7, 2008

Show Luo likes girls with bangs; still thinking about Selina

Earlier on 100% Entertainment, Genie Zhuo guested on the show, and she sported new bangs. S.H.E’s Selina also recently cut her fringe into bangs, and this caused a heated discussion between hosts Show Luo and Xiao Gui. Xiao Gui purposely said, “Some guys like girls with bangs.” And Show replied, “I sometimes.”

However, he quickly got “sold” by Xiao Gui, who said, “What, but Selina..” And the audience immediately erupted into screams, all yelling: “Selina!” Show then awkwardly smiled and replied, “She would look better with a skinnier face, “ making people think that Show still seems to have a thing for Selina.

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